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  • Development of Sensors and Inhibitors for protein aggregates [2017 - 2020]

        Protein misfolding and agglomeration is a hallmark of many amyloid diseases. In case of many diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Creutzfeldt Jakobs to something as common as Diabetes and those caused by Prions, the active protein loses its functional conformation and transforms into the inactive state. This conversion of a protein from its active alpha helix form to inactive Beta sheet deems the protein ineffective and their accumulation leads to the progression of the disease. In an attempt to detect these beta sheet of various proteins we have developed sensors which offer sensitivity and selectivity to protein aggregates.


  • Evaluation of Fluorescent Sensors for detection of Alzheimer’s protein and testing of Inhibitors for Anti-Alzheimer’s activity [2020 - Current]

       Many amyloid diseases are neurodegenerative and terminal and affect large populations of elderly, for instance, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease which are the major contributors to dementia. As per WHO, the global estimation for the prevalence of dementia is 50 million people (as of 2019) out of which 60-70% of the cases are attributed to Alzheimer’s Disease. This necessitates the development of better sensors for detection in early stages and inhibitors with high efficiency. We have developed near-infrared sensors which can effectively detect β amyloid in early stages.





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Project Training:

We invite applications from the eligible candidates who are interested in pursuing research in biological and biophysical sciences, having one of the following qualifications to undertake 4 to 6 months project training as a part of their dissertation work / course curriculum.

  • Students in their final year of B.Sc, B.Pharm.
  • Students in their final year of M.Sc, M.Pharm, Integrated M.Sc.



We provide internship opportunities to undergraduates and postgraduates in Biological and chemical sciences. We have an intake of 4 interns per year. Students are welcome to join us for some amazing research work along with a chance to get your research published.




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