What is Thalassaemia?

  • What is Thalassaemia?

    Thalassaemia is absolutely preventable genetic disorder of red blood corpuscles. Thalassaemia major and Thalassaemia minor are two forms of Thalassaemia disorder. Patient having Thalassaemia minor generally is healthy, with mild anaemia, but Thalassaemia major patient requires regular & lifelong blood transfusion for survival. This transfusion procedure is also very expensive

    How we help you

    The Trustees and staff of the research centre are fully aware that the growth achieved by this Centre would not have been possible without generous support from the Society by way of recourse input and encouragement, they are also conscious of the fact that the Scientists have an obligation to discharge towards the Society. This very thought prompted the establishment of the Thalassaemia Unit in 1997 with support from Mumbai Thalassaemic Society (MTS) and Parents Association Thalassemic Unit Trust (PATUT).

    The Thalassaemia unit screens and counsel students from different schools and colleges for various blood ailments.

  • Our Programmes
    • Screening Program: It includes complete blood count (CBC), Necked Eye Single Tube Red Cell Osmotic Fragility Test (NESTROF), Metzer Index (MI).Iron study includes all the above test with serum iron test, Total Iron Binding capacity (TIBC) & Saturation %.
    • Molecular Detection of the Mutation: The thalassaemia minor caries status of a student should be followed by identification of the B-globin mutation in the identified student , the parent and siblings as well any first generation family member, to enable proper counseling and ensuring that the succeeding member of the family be absent of Thalassaemia major disease. Hence, a molecular PCR basis test to identify will recommended to these individuals. The test to detect five common B-Globin mutations will be done at the C. B. Patel Research Centre’s Thalassaemia Detection Unit at a nominal cost. Thus, the system plans Thalassaemia Detection and Counseling Programme, to lesser the burden of the disease in the Indian community.

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